Refunds for partially or completely unused international OnlineTickets.

Please only use this form for unused international OnlineTickets bought via SBB Businesstravel.

Did you buy your ticket in the SBB Ticket Shop for private customers? If so, please follow this link.

Please complete the fields below and upload up to five OnlineTickets in PDF format.

Note: Only uploaded tickets will be processed.

Contact details.

You will receive a copy of your request via e-mail.

(Once the refund has been issued, you will not receive any confirmation. Refund transactions are listed in “My orders” and in the online statistics.)

Request for a refund of international OnlineTickets and reason for non-use. 

Please upload the unused or only partially used ticket that you wish to refund as a PDF file here. If you have more than one ticket to refund, please hold down the CTRL key while clicking the respective files.

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