Commute analysis.

Analyse staff commuting routes from door to door and get an idea of how attractive your location is for staff, as well as an overview of travel times and emissions.

The commute analysis shows you what options staff have for getting to work: how many staff could get to work by public transport in, say, less than 30 minutes? Where is it worth offering new mobility services for the first and last mile and encouraging staff to change their behaviour?

The commute analysis gives you the knowledge you need – and allows you to take strategic deci-sions with full transparency.

The commute analysis:

  • provides information about journey times – for staff commuting between home and work – and about all relevant means of transport available and how they can be combined multi-modally to get from door to door,
  • is based on current, real location and connection data,
  • and is presented as a comprehensive graphic map.

Together with the staff questionnaire, this will give you a solid starting point for developing effec-tive measures for mobility management.

The results help you answer questions such as:

  • What potential is there for staff to come by public transport?
  • How many staff live within walking or cycling distance of your company?
  • How many parking spaces does your company really need?
  • Which means of transport does your company want to promote?
  • What impact would changes to mobility management have on the behaviour of your staff?