Arrive at work on time and relaxed.

Commuting by public transport is a good option for your employees, as it is a safe, relaxing and environmentally friendly way of travelling. 

By paying for public transport travelcards, either partially or in full, the company will enjoy financial and image benefits and set itself apart from the rest of the employment market.

Our online comparison calculator will show you quickly and concisely whether and when changing from car to public transport is worthwhile for your employees.

The easiest way to pay for public transport travelcards is to use the flexible payment methods designed for this purpose - Rail Checks, e-vouchers and promotional codes.

More information about ways to pay for public transport travelcards for your employees can be found on our Cost Optimisation web pages.

Our product range for commuting:

Improve your eco balance and company image.

Commuting by public transport saves energy and reduces CO2 emissions. Paying for public transport travelcards for your employees, either in full or partially, will have a positive impact on your company’s image.

Our Green Travel web pages include comprehensive information about the excellent eco balance of public transport. Here you will find interesting facts and example calculations related to this issue, along with links to online tools that will make it faster and easier for you to work out where your company stands with regard to energy requirements, CO2 emissions, costs and travel times.

Provide cost transparency and equal treatment for all of your employees.

Many companies operate a car park management system – a transparent way of regulating the allocation of a limited number of parking spaces. In addition to this, employees who travel to work using environmentally friendly methods of transport are rewarded with a mobility bonus in the form of vouchers to be redeemed against the cost of a public transport travelcard – for example, in the form of Rail Checks or e-vouchers.

By supporting car drivers and users of public transport in equal measure you can avoid social injustices and increase your employees‘ job satisfaction.

Entice new employees with public transport travelcards.

Paying for a commuter travelcard, either partially or in full, for your employees is an attractive fringe benefit which can help to make your company stand out on the fiercely competitive employment market. By the way, paying for travelcards does not necessarily lead to higher costs.

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