E-vouchers – practical and flexible.

E-vouchers offer a flexible solution when it comes to organising your employees’ travelcards or a Christmas present for your customers.

This electronic voucher for public transport services can be used to pay for any purchases at SBB.ch. You can choose whether an e-voucher is to be restricted to particular products or may be used for the entire range. Please note that e-vouchers are not valid for purchasing services on the SwissPass.

Special features of e-vouchers.

  • Individual or bulk purchase available.
  • Any value can be selected.
  • Can be bought via SBB Businesstravel.
  • Payment on purchase; can be redeemed in several stages.
  • Valid for 5 years from the date of issue.
  • Discounts available if ordered online.

Product specifications subject to change.

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