Combine your train ticket with local travel by tram and bus.

When you buy a City-Ticket, you get a 1-day travelpass for local transport at your place of departure and/or destination in addition to your journey between the two places.

If, for example, you are travelling between Zurich and Basel, you can choose from the following options:

  • Zurich–Basel including local transport in Zurich: City-Ticket Zurich
  • Zurich–Basel including local transport in Basel: City-Ticket Basel
  • Zurich–Basel including local transport in Zurich and Basel: City-City-Ticket Zurich and Basel


  • 1st and 2nd class
  • Single journey, outward and return journey
  • Full fare (100%) or half fare (50%). The half fare applies to Half-Fare travelcard holders.

A City-Ticket is valid for one day. It is available from and via the SBB Mobile app.

City-Tickets are available for the following cities and areas of validity:

Prices and product specifications are subject to change.

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