Promotional codes – quick, versatile, electronic.

For your client hospitality, for your events, for advertising mailshots, or even for promoting public transport mobility within your company – the electronic promotional code opens up a wide range of possibilities.

You can issue individual promotional codes to specific people or give away codes to a wide audience in advertising campaigns via flyers, posters, etc. Promotional codes can be redeemed in SBB Mobile for private and business customers, and you can decide whether they are valid for the entire range or just for certain product groups.

Additional features:

  • Individual promotional codes are ten-digit codes made up of letters and numbers; one code per person; can be redeemed only once
  • General promotional codes consist of a code word of your choice (e.g. “company party”); a limit on numbers may be set; codes can be redeemed until the limit is reached
  • Only the services actually used are charged for; fortnightly invoicing
  • Codes can be redeemed via SBB Mobile
  • The GA and Half-Fare travelcard can only be purchased via the SBB Ticket Shop Business (for business customers) when using the promotional code. Please note that the promotional code is not valid for buying a service on the SwissPass (GA/Half-Fare travelcard).
Here you can find out how to redeem a promotional code.

Interested? Then please contact us – we would be delighted to help you create a customised promotional code.

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