Sustainable mobility management with the public transport commuter bonus.

The public transport commuter bonus is a public transport offer which is earmarked specifically for public transport services. It is suitable for fully or partially financing your employee’s commuter mobility and can be used for the entire public transport product range.

The public transport commuter bonus means your company can provide funds earmarked specifically for public transport services, and therefore offer attractive fringe benefits for employees. By offering equal commuter bonuses for all, you can make the mobility habits of your employees more sustainable and support your own sustainability strategy.

An overview of the advantages of the public transport commuter bonus:

  • The same discount for all employees
  • Only redeemed commuter bonuses are charged
  • The sale of public transport commuter bonuses is eligible for discount
  • Pre-tax deduction for the redeemed public transport commuter bonuses can be claimed

The public transport commuter bonus is sent as a Rail Check.

Minimum order 100 items.

Printing costs A6 format / security paper / incl. 7.7% VAT.

  • CHF 120.– for 100 items
  • CHF 20.– for each additional 100 items

Printing costs A4 format, perforated / security paper.

  • CHF 120.– for 100 items
  • CHF 30.– for each additional 100 items
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