Rail Check – Wild Card, with a fixed value.

Freely selectable service, with a fixed value. The “Wild Card” Rail Check is very flexible. You specify the service according to your needs. For example, for your commuting employees a per cent reduction on a point-to-point travelcard. In addition, you can define the maximum value of the Rail Check.

Minimum order 100 items.

Printing costs A6 format / security paper / incl. 7.7% VAT.

  • CHF 120.– for 100 items
  • CHF 20.– for each additional 100 items

Printing costs A4 format, perforated / security paper.

  • CHF 120.– for 100 items
  • CHF 30.– for each additional 100 items
Check format (optional)
Reference field (optional)

Imprint of the company logo, if required.

  • File format: .gif / .jpg / .bmp
  • Min. resolution 300dpi
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