GA travelcard Plus: the GA travelcard for the whole family.

Do you want a GA travelcard that lets your family come along for the ride?

If you bought your basic GA travelcard (GA travelcard for adults, young adults, students aged 25 to 30, senior citizens or disabled persons) via SBB Businesstravel, the online portal for business customers, you can order a GA travelcard Plus Duo for partners, a GA travelcard Plus Familia Child, a GA travelcard Plus Familia Young Adult or a GA travelcard Plus Familia Partner.

The public transport industry has been gradually rolling out the SwissPass since 1 August 2015. The GA travelcard for SBB business customers is set to be integrated into the SwissPass from late 2018. Until then, business customers will continue to receive their GA travelcard and any GA travelcard Plus linked to it in the form of the familiar blue card. You can order the GA travelcard Plus in the following ways:

  • You can request a GA travelcard Plus using the order form (in german) and pay by credit card or bill it directly to your SBB Businesstravel account.
  • You can also obtain a GA travelcard Plus at any of our staffed points of sale, where you can use any of the usual payment methods.