GA Travelcard for trainees.

Everyone benefits from the GA Travelcard for trainees.

The GA Travelcard for trainees offers your trainees full mobility: free travel on any SBB route and most private railways across Switzerland. The GA Travelcard is also valid on postbuses and boats, and on local public transport such as trams and buses in most cities and urban areas.

The advantages for your company:

  • An attractive price of CHF 1,885 (approximately 30% less than the GA Travelcard Youth at CHF 2,650).
  • Gives your company a positive image.
  • Positioning as an attractive training company.
  • Eliminates administration of travel reimbursements.


  • Issued to all trainees at companies or training associations.
  • Trainees are people who are completing their first traineeship until their 25th birthday.
  • Minimum duration of contract is two years.
  • The GA Travelcard for trainees is only available in 2nd class.
  • Major clients ordering 1,000 or more GA Travelcards for trainees enjoy special conditions with regard to price and duration of contract.

Please contact us if you are interested in the GA Travelcard for trainees. Please note that it takes four weeks to process orders for GA Travelcards for trainees.

It is not possible to buy the GA Travelcard for trainees at public transport counters.

The GA Travelcard for trainees is now available on the SwissPass.

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