GA travelcard for trainees.

The Trainee GA benefits everyone.

The Trainee GA offers your trainees complete mobility: free travel on all SBB routes, and also those of most private rail companies, throughout Switzerland. The GA travelcard is also valid for postbuses and boats, as well as for short-distance public transport services like trams and buses in most cities and urban areas.

Advantages for your company:

  • Attractive price of CHF 1,885 (around a 30% discount compared to the CHF 2,650 price of the GA Junior).
  • Gives the company a positive image.
  • Positioning as an attractive training facility.
  • Eliminates administration of travel reimbursements.


  • Issued to all trainees at companies or training associations.
  • Trainees are people completing their first training course by the age of 25.
  • Minimum two-year contract.
  • The Trainee GA is valid exclusively for travel in second class.
  • Major customers ordering 1000 or more Trainee GAs enjoy special terms with regard to both price and contractual duration.

If you are interested in a Trainee GA, please get in contact with us. Please note that a Trainee GA should be ordered four weeks in advance. The Trainee GA is not sold at public transport ticket counters.

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