Tickets for business customers: currently the Half-Fare travelcard cannot be deposited at SBB Ticket Shop Business.

From 1 August 2016, you will be able to add a SwissPass Half-Fare travelcard directly to the barcode of an e-ticket if the ticket has been bought at the SBB Ticket Shop for private customers.

That means that only the e-ticket needs to be shown and customers will not usually have to produce their SwissPass. Customers are identified by their photo, which ticket inspectors can download to their devices.

Please note that this new feature is only possible for SwissPass Half-Fare travelcards purchased at the SBB Ticket Shop for private customers.

Unfortunately, due to technical reasons, this new feature is not expected to be available at SBB Ticket Shop Business until December 2017. We therefore ask you and your employees to continue to show your Half-Fare travelcard (blue card or SwissPass) during ticket inspection on the train.

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