Next stop – company event.

SBB offers professional support for your corporate event.You can call on us for anything from simple mobility solutions to complete organisation of your event, from A to Z.

The special ticket – simple and ingenious.

With a special ticket from SBB, you know you're on the right track: it combines all train/tram/bus connections for the journey from home to event and back in a single ticket:

  • Simple to use
  • Same-price ticket for all participants
  • Ticket issued along with confirmation of attendance
  • No searching for a parking space
  • Special tickets can be produced with company logos
  • Simple billing, incl. VAT.

The framework conditions for special tickets are simple and clear:

  • Standard fare for all participants, taking into account your visitor structure
  • The ticket price is incorporated into the attendance fee
  • Tickets are issued to all participants
  • Minimum purchase: 100 tickets

Contact us: together we'll find the best solution for you.

The RailCheck – a good alternative.

An alternative to the special ticket is the RailCheck, a physical voucher which can be redeemed at any staffed station in Switzerland, for a service which you have specified in advance. All you need to do is enclose the pre-printed RailCheck (including your company logo) with the invitation to your event. And here's the best part: you will only be charged for the vouchers which are actually used.

Your corporate event organised from A to Z.

Let us organise your corporate event, from getting people there to entertaining them. We will create a completely individual offer tailored to your needs; or you can choose from our range of offers listed at

Events by special train.

Present your products in an exclusive setting, or take your business partners by surprise with something just a little bit different. Our special trains, such as the legendary Trans-Europ-Express (TEE) and the Roter Pfeil (Red Arrow), or special carriages such as the "Salon Bleu", offer a stylish backdrop for special occasions. We ensure that suitable provisions are on board, and can also provide specialised decor on request. And not only do we offer a selection of culinary treats or a luxurious aperitif along the way, we can also provide live music, a magician, caricaturists or comedians. Have we sparked your interest? We look forward to your call on +41 (0)51 222 11 22 so we can draw up a quote tailored to your needs, goals and budget.

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