The big SBB Advent calendar.

SBB Advent Calendar 2020. The countdown has begun…

The Advent season is fast approaching and there aren’t many days left until the first door in the Advent calendar can be opened. From 1 December 2020, you’ll have a chance to win a great prize on this page every day!


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The time has finally come – today we get started!

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How does the SBB Advent Calendar work?

A new door is opened every day and the next part of our Advent story is revealed. You use your vote to decide how the story will unfold. We’ll continue with the version of the story that receives the most votes. Important: there is no right or wrong answer when voting – when you vote you will automatically be entered into the prize draw for that particular day. Sign in to take part in the prize draw for the main prize as well.

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Read the beginning of our Advent story now and find out how Tim and Jane are thrown into their adventure.

“I'm really looking forward to Christmas,” said Jane, watching the mainline trains rush through the station as she sat on the platform. “If things stay on track, Christmas will arrive faster than any InterCity.”

But Tim looked forlornly across the tracks: “Christmas? No thanks! Winter’s so cold and grey. And everyone’s so worked up or stressed. What’s so festive about that? Do you remember? Back when we were in school, we could hardly wait: our eyes lit up like a Christmas tree as soon as Advent arrived. But where’s the magic gone? And the excitement?”

“The excitement?”, Jane muttered and gave herself time to think as a train ran through: “I’ve got an idea! I’ll give you a present.”

“A present? Please not socks!”

“No, but it will knock your socks off! Something that won’t fit under any Christmas tree, but will make you believe in Christmas again.”

“That’s easier said than done,” said Tim sarcastically.

“Listen,” said Jane, “we won’t go on a shopping trip, we’ll go on a train trip and head off on our own Advent adventure – there’s a reason why it’s called Advent-ure. We’ll get back on the rails and head out into the world. You’ll see Switzerland’s most scenic spots – they’re second to none. And we’ll feel that excitement again which you’ve been missing for so long. Every place will be as spectacular as the last. And so that we don’t forget where we’ve been, I’ll jot down the places in my little notebook. And I’ll also show you Switzerland’s greatest pass!”

“The Furka pass? Or the Simplon pass?!”

“The SwissPass!!”

At that, not even Tim could stifle a smile. So maybe his Christmas will be festive after all?