Teddy’s big adventure.

Celebrating Christmas without the most important person in the world? Follow the SBB Advent story and join Teddy on his journey.

In her hurry, little Anna has left her teddy bear in the train compartment. The sweet little stuffed toy comes to life and sets off on an adventurous quest. Help Teddy to find his best friend!  

1. December: Lost in the big, wide world.

Poor teddy has lost his Anna and really wants to find her again! The little bear gets out of the train and has a look around. He looks far and wide, but his best friend, Anna, is nowhere to be seen. He′s so confused, he can′t even remember his own name!

The choice is yours: What′s the bear's name?

Bodo received 57% of the votes so has beaten Ursin.

2. December: The search begins.

Bodo makes his way out into the big, wide world. First of all, he wants to get off the platform, as he can′t see Anna anywhere. He decides to take the steps down into the underpass.But as he stands in front of the information signs, he′s not sure which way to go.

Where should he go?

To the departure board. received 55% of the votes so has beaten To the SBB ticket counter..

3. December: The first hurdle.

The little teddy decides to go to the departure board. It′s so big, he can already see it in the distance. But suddenly, a large group of travellers appears in front of him, blocking his way. Bodo can′t get past them.

Should Bodo wait, or squeeze through the crowd?

Wait received 63% of the votes so has beaten Push in.

4. December: Bodo's journey begins.

Good choice! At last, Bodo can see the departure board. He has to guess where Anna has travelled to and trust his instincts.

Has Anna set off for the mountains or for a lake?

To the mountains received 80% of the votes so has beaten To a lake.

5. December: Off to the mountains!

The little bear decides that she must have gone to the mountains. There are quite a few of those in Switzerland though! Bodo remembers Anna sometimes mentioning the names of the places they had travelled to together.

He can think of two of them:

Scuol GR received 78% of the votes so has beaten Realp UR.

6. December: Samichlaus is also on the train.

Bodo decides to go to Scuol. It is 6 December. Waiting on the platform, he sees Samichlaus, who is visiting all the children today, anxiously looking at the clock. Samichlaus thinks that the station clock is wrong, because his watch says it′s a different time!

Should Bodo trust the watch or the clock?

The station clock received 88% of the votes so has beaten The watch.

7. December: A short pit stop in the restaurant on wheels.

The bear makes the right decision: he trusts the station clock and catches his train. But as soon as Bodo sits down in his compartment, he notices his stomach rumbling. He hasn′t had his elevenses yet today. Luckily, his train has a dining car.

What does Bodo order in the rolling restaurant?

Chocolate croissants received 62% of the votes so has beaten Bircher muesli.

8. December: No luck …

On arriving in Scuol, Bodo notices that it′s raining. Surely Anna wouldn′t have stayed here in this weather. Unhappy, he returns to the station to go back. A passenger checks the timetable for him on her smartphone. She finds two options:

A fast train via Vereina Tunnel or via St. Moritz with a few changes?