Teddy’s big adventure.

Celebrating Christmas without the most important person in the world? Follow the SBB Advent story and join Teddy on his journey.

In her hurry, little Anna has left her teddy bear in the train compartment. The sweet little stuffed toy comes to life and sets off on an adventurous quest. Help Teddy to find his best friend!  

1. December: Lost in the big, wide world.

Poor teddy has lost his Anna and really wants to find her again! The little bear gets out of the train and has a look around. He looks far and wide, but his best friend, Anna, is nowhere to be seen. He′s so confused, he can′t even remember his own name!

The choice is yours: What′s the bear's name?

Bodo received 57% of the votes so has beaten Ursin.

2. December: The search begins.

Bodo makes his way out into the big, wide world. First of all, he wants to get off the platform, as he can′t see Anna anywhere. He decides to take the steps down into the underpass.But as he stands in front of the information signs, he′s not sure which way to go.

Where should he go?

To the departure board. received 55% of the votes so has beaten To the SBB ticket counter..

3. December: The first hurdle.

The little teddy decides to go to the departure board. It′s so big, he can already see it in the distance. But suddenly, a large group of travellers appears in front of him, blocking his way. Bodo can′t get past them.

Should Bodo wait, or squeeze through the crowd?

Wait received 63% of the votes so has beaten Push in.

4. December: Bodo's journey begins.

Good choice! At last, Bodo can see the departure board. He has to guess where Anna has travelled to and trust his instincts.

Has Anna set off for the mountains or for a lake?

To the mountains received 80% of the votes so has beaten To a lake.

5. December: Off to the mountains!

The little bear decides that she must have gone to the mountains. There are quite a few of those in Switzerland though! Bodo remembers Anna sometimes mentioning the names of the places they had travelled to together.

He can think of two of them:

Scuol GR received 78% of the votes so has beaten Realp UR.

6. December: Samichlaus is also on the train.

Bodo decides to go to Scuol. It is 6 December. Waiting on the platform, he sees Samichlaus, who is visiting all the children today, anxiously looking at the clock. Samichlaus thinks that the station clock is wrong, because his watch says it′s a different time!

Should Bodo trust the watch or the clock?

The station clock received 88% of the votes so has beaten The watch.

7. December: A short pit stop in the restaurant on wheels.

The bear makes the right decision: he trusts the station clock and catches his train. But as soon as Bodo sits down in his compartment, he notices his stomach rumbling. He hasn′t had his elevenses yet today. Luckily, his train has a dining car.

What does Bodo order in the rolling restaurant?

Chocolate croissants received 62% of the votes so has beaten Bircher muesli.

8. December: No luck …

On arriving in Scuol, Bodo notices that it′s raining. Surely Anna wouldn′t have stayed here in this weather. Unhappy, he returns to the station to go back. A passenger checks the timetable for him on her smartphone. She finds two options:

A fast train via Vereina Tunnel or via St. Moritz with a few changes?

St. Moritz received 55% of the votes so has beaten Vereina Tunnel.

9. December: At last: the first clue!

Shortly after the train departs for St. Moritz, a passenger attendant comes by and tells Bodo that she has seen Anna. Anna had told her about a beautiful Christmas market, but was sad that she had to go without her teddy. Bodo wriggles around with excitement.

He can think of two Christmas markets on his route:

Chur received 75% of the votes so has beaten Sargans.

10. December: A country mouse visits town.

On arriving in Chur, Bodo realises that the town is bigger than he had expected. He doesn′t know where the market is. On his left there are lots of people heading towards the old town – on the right he finds a noticeboard with a city map.

Should Bodo follow the crowds, or go and look at the map?

Look at the map received 51% of the votes so has beaten Follow the crowds.

11. December: Heavenly sounds of Christmas.

As Bodo wanders the streets, hoping to find his Anna around each corner, he suddenly hears a wonderful sound. A small children′s choir is singinng “O Christmas Tree“. The magic of the music warms the teddy bear′s little heart. He misses Anna more than ever.

Should Bodo listen to the choir a little longer?

Yes received 87% of the votes so has beaten No.

12. December: A lucky find.

Soon afterwards, the bear sees that there is something sticking out of the snow next to the choir. It looks like a broken piece of something! It′s a red shard of porcelain and has the name "Margrit′s Drink Stand" written on it.

It′s clearly part of a...

...mug! received 98% of the votes so has beaten ...vase!.

13. December: Amongst Christmas decorations and gingerbread.

Bodo knows that you get mugs like this at Christmas markets. He goes to the market square. On one side of the market, he can smell delicious magenbrot and grittibänze. On the other, he sees delicate wooden dolls and gleaming decorations.

Where should Bodo look for Anna first?

The food stands received 57% of the votes so has beaten The decoration stands.

14. December: The second big clue.

Wally the wacky watchmaker, notices the little bear. When Bodo says who he is looking for, Wally replies: «I've seen her! She was walking towards the merry-go-round!» Suddenly, François, the friendly fishmonger, interrupts: «No, I saw her heading for the raclette stand!»

Whom should Bodo trust?

Wally received 72% of the votes so has beaten François.

15. December: The pointy red hat!

The bear follows Wally′s advice and, luckily, he′s right: As Bodo turns the corner, he sees a figure in a red hat disappearing onto the bus. It′s Anna!

Should Bodo run after the bus, or wait for the next one?

Run received 64% of the votes so has beaten Wait.

16. December: Winter ice.

Bodo runs after the bus as fast as he can. It is icy, and suddenly a boy slips over in front of the teddy bear. The child sits on the ground, holding his knee.

Should Bodo help the boy, or hurry after the bus?

Help received 96% of the votes so has beaten Run.

17. December: So near and yet so far.

Very decent of you! The bear stops and asks the boy if he is hurt. Luckily, he′s fine. Bodo asks him where the last bus was going. «Easy: it′s gone to the station», the boy says. Off to the station! At the station, Bodo has to decide where to go.

He remembers two places he recently visited with Anna:

Biel/Bienne received 65% of the votes so has beaten Delémont.

18. December: At any risk?

After thinking about it for a little while, Bodo decides on Biel/Bienne. When he gets to the platform, however, he sees that the lights in the train carriage are out. He′s not sure if it′s his train, but the next train takes 30 minutes longer.

Should Bodo board the train, or take the slower connection?

Take the other connection received 59% of the votes so has beaten Board.

19. December: Bodo on the wrong track.

Bodo takes the next train. During the journey, he has to go to the toilet, and he misses the last stop. His train moves onto a siding! The engine driver helps the bear and accompanies him to the next underpass. There Bodo sees a track engineer and a RailClean employee.

Who should Bodo speak to first?

RailClean employee received 70% of the votes so has beaten Track engineer.

20. December: A night of adventure in the treetops?

As the bear walks over to the RailClean employee, he notices that it′s starting to get dark. So, Bodo quickly asks the man if he knows where he might be able to find a place to sleep. The employee tells the teddy that he can sleep in his son′s tree house.

Should Bodo accept the offer?

Yes received 92% of the votes so has beaten No.

21. December: Make a wish!

Bodo gratefully accepts the offer. The tree house is comfortably fitted out, and as he gazes into the night sky before falling asleep, the little bear sees a shooting star. He makes a wish: to be back together with Anna soon, and closes his eyes.

New luck for a new day: where will Bodo get his breakfast?

Village bakery received 96% of the votes so has beaten Kiosk.

22. December: Breakfast really is the best meal of the day.

The next morning, Bodo wants to buy a breakfast roll from the village bakery. But just a few minutes before, the baker had sold her last breakfast roll to a girl in a red hat. That must have been Anna! Outside, he′s just in time to see a pointy red hat disappearing into the crowd.

What should Bodo do?

Run after her received 89% of the votes so has beaten Buy something else.

23. December: Teddies help teddies.

Bodo runs after her. Arriving at the railway station forecourt, he tries to catch sight of her. Anna has disappeared yet again. But what′s this? There′s another teddy bear waving at him from a child′s rucksack! He has seen Anna and points at the station.

Should Bodo follow the unknown bear′s advice?

Yes received 96% of the votes so has beaten No.

24. December: The final big decision.

Bodo trusts the other bear, thanks him and goes to the station. He now knows: Anna must be here! He′s never been so close to succeeding. Dear helpers: you absolutely have to make the right choice now!

Where is Anna?

On the platform received 99% of the votes so has beaten In the underpass.

How our Advent story unfolded.

Bodo takes the last few steps up to the platform. He starts looking around for Anna, left, right – everywhere. And what does he see? A girl with a pointy red hat is wandering in his direction.

How wonderful, it is Anna – his Anna! Quick as a flash, and before she sees him, Bodo lies down on the ground and turns back into what he always has to be for Anna: a teddy. A few seconds later, Anna finds the little bear. At first, she runs towards him, but then she hesitates and slows down. Is it really her Bodo? How did he end up here? But after picking him up and carefully examining him, she′s sure: It′s Bodo! Overwhelmed with joy, she hugs the teddy bear close to her. She had thought she would never find him again. As the train pulls in, Anna′s mummy takes her by the hand and, together with Bodo, they board the train for home. 

But Bodo is already home, because his home is wherever Anna is.