SBB Adventskalender.

25 December: Arrival at the terminus.

Jane and Tim head back to the station where their Advent-ure started. She’s merrier than ever before, and he also seems to have finally got into the Christmas spirit: “Pretty long, but pretty special”, says Jane, “a global voyage without leaving Switzerland. And you still haven’t had the best of it. I’ve got a gift for you.”

“Yeah, sure, the gift was spending time with you!”

“No, I really mean it.” Jane passes Tim a small parcel, wrapped rather rough and readily in tissue paper, with a little message scribbled on it: Wishing you a railway-ly very merry Christmas, Jane. 

Tim unwraps it eagerly: the notebook! He feels somewhat disappointed… he’s seen the notebook before. But when he opens it, his face lights up like a signal. Jane has put so much effort into it: the book is full of sketches, quotes, tickets from the places they visited glued in and – most importantly – the feelings they experienced each step of the way. It covers everything from “sceptical” to “merry” to “thankful”.

Tim is moved to tears. “Wow, this journey wasn’t just an emotional rollercoaster ride. It was a sensational excursion by special event train. A journey by rack-and-pinion over the mountains of the soul. A double-decker tour of happiness.” “Just don’t go over the top,” Jane quips. But the brakes are off for normally tight-lipped Tim: “You were right: there is something to be excited about!” In this moment, Tim feels the greatest emotion of all: love. So it’s true: Christmas is about love. He gives Jane a gentle kiss on the cheek out of gratitude. And it seems miracles do happen after all: smart, quick-witted Jane is lost for words – something Tim could never have imagined. 

Suddenly, Tim and Jane are overwhelmed by joy and their eyes light up like Christmas trees. Just like the good old days. The magic of Christmas is back! 

So our terminus is not the end of the line for Tim and Jane but a very happy ending to their tale. 

Merry Christmas!

All 24 doors have been opened – the Advent calendar has ended. Thank you for taking part. We wish you a great Christmas, a relaxing holiday season and a happy New Year! Until next year!