SBB Adventskalender.

Our main prize: Win a 1st class GA Travelcard worth 6,300 Swiss francs.

The main prize is drawn from all entries carried out via a SwissPass login between 1 and 24 December 2020. The more often you enter the 24 daily prize draws while logged in, the higher your chances of winning the main prize. If you don’t log in, you can enter the daily prize draws as a guest, but you won’t be entered into the main prize draw.

How does the SBB Advent Calendar work?

A new door is opened every day and the next part of our Advent story is revealed. You use your vote to decide how the story will unfold. We’ll continue with the version of the story that receives the most votes.

Important: there is no right or wrong answer when voting – when you vote you will automatically be entered into the prize draw for that particular day. Sign in to take part in the prize draw for the main prize as well.

The SBB Advent story.

Read here in detail about the start of Tim and Jane’s Advent adventure and all the things they have already experienced.