Merry Christmas!

All 24 doors have been opened – the Advent calendar has ended. Thank you for taking part. The winners will be notified as soon as possible. We wish you a great Christmas, a relaxing holiday season and a happy New Year! Until next year!

How our Advent story unfolded.

Bodo takes the last few steps up to the platform. He starts looking around for Anna, left, right – everywhere. And what does he see? A girl with a pointy red hat is wandering in his direction.

How wonderful, it is Anna – his Anna! Quick as a flash, and before she sees him, Bodo lies down on the ground and turns back into what he always has to be for Anna: a teddy. A few seconds later, Anna finds the little bear. At first, she runs towards him, but then she hesitates and slows down. Is it really her Bodo? How did he end up here? But after picking him up and carefully examining him, she′s sure: It′s Bodo! Overwhelmed with joy, she hugs the teddy bear close to her. She had thought she would never find him again. As the train pulls in, Anna′s mummy takes her by the hand and, together with Bodo, they board the train for home. 

But Bodo is already home, because his home is wherever Anna is.