The virtual assistant – the voice of the future?

“Hey Google, ask SBB: when is the next train from Bern to Lucerne?” Timetable information, ticket prices, information on train occupancy rates and any potential delays – you can now get all this information with voice control!

More than 50% of all search queries worldwide will be carried out by voice recognition by the end of 2021, according to recent studies. SBB is now providing a virtual assistant to ensure that we can meet customer needs on voice-controlled communication channels. 

SBB’s virtual assistant is based on Google Actions and is available on smart speakers, smart displays and mobile phones (with Google Assistant). So that the dialogue is as natural as possible, we use Natural Language Understanding (NLU) to conduct dialogue with customers. This means that the context of a conversation is taken into account.

Video legend: Immerse yourself in the world of voice control and get to know our virtual assistant.

Questions and answers about the SBB virtual assistant.

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