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    Sending bike boxes as luggage

     I am flying into Zurich and will then take the train to Romanshorn with my bicycle disassembled into a bike box / carrier. I believe that if the bike is in a bike box/ carrier, it is counted as luggage and not a bike. Is this correct? I will assemble the bike in Romanshorn and then bike to Montreux over 11 days. I want to send my bike box / carrier by train to Montreux. I understand that it will be held in Montreux, although I will need to pay 5 CHF per day for each day after the first four days. Is this correct? Assuming I have the above correct, is it the case that I also need to buy a ticket for travel from Romanshorn to Montreux, even though I will not use it? If so, can I just buy a super saver ticket for a specific train? Thanks for your assistance. 

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    Point to point bike ticket

    Hello,I wonder how I can buy a point to point bike ticket for my trip from Zurich HB to Göschenen (IR46) since when I'm going to buy a 1× Supersaver Ticket and I add one bike it charges me 1× Day Bike Pass.Also I would like to confirm I can travel in the train without packing the bike.Regards

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    Geneva to Oberalppass

    I want to take the train from Geneva to Oberalppass on May 11 with my bike.I understand this train only operates in the summer.Can you tell me if the train will be operating on May 11?Do I need to take a special train with my bike?Thanks


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