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    Question on railaway tickets

    Hello,I am planning on booking the combined railaway offer to go to Bernina Glacier area starting from Tirano by Raetian trains. So I wonder if the railaway point to point ticket will be valid as:1) A "day pass" for stops in between Tirano and my destination, in this case Bernina Diavolezza. So I can also visit other nice spots on this route. 2) A ticket for the famous Bernina Express train w/o Seat reservation, so I can decide if I want to use the panoramic service or the regular regional service and book the seat reservation myself on desired train and direction. thanks

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    RailAway Ticket

    hi, if i purchase a railway ticket for the lindt chocolate museum, do i need to book a timeslot for the chocolate tour or can i just head down anytime during the day to visit?


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