Order form for assistance with boarding and alighting.

This form can be used to order assistance with boarding and alighting for your journeys by train. Please send us the form at least 12 hours before you require the assistance.

If you require assistance sooner than 12 hours from now, please call the SBB Contact Center Handicap.

To the contact form for passengers with a disability
Do you use a screen reader? If you have a problem sending the form, you can also contact us by telephone: SBB Contact Center Handicap, tel. 0800 007 102 (toll-free in Switzerland.), every day from 6am to 10.30pm.

Form steps

Information for assistance.

The minimum interchange time where a change of platform is required is 10 minutes. More interchange time is necessary at some stations. Please note that the SBB Contact Center Handicap can only provide assistance if sufficient interchange time is provided.


Are you planning to travel abroad? Please enter your seat number and the coach number.

2nd class
Where do you require assistance?

Second journey.

If you are continuing your train journey from Switzerland to a destination abroad, please also enter your seat number, coach number and the meeting point.

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Where do you require assistance?

What limitations do you have?

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What aids do you use?

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Further content

SBB Contact Center Handicap

Reserve free assistance for boarding and alighting when travelling by train.

Please make reservations by telephone at least 1 hour before you require the assistance, and reservations using the order form at least 12 hours beforehand. For international travel: at least 24 hours in advance.

Tel. 0800 007 102Link opens in new window.

Toll-free in Switzerland

(from 6am to 10.30pm)

From abroad +41 800 007 102Link opens in new window.

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