Help with your SwissPass.

On this page, you can find out how to get the SwissPass card, what travelcards are held on it, what you have to do if you lose the card and much more besides. 

Order a replacement SwissPass card.

Has your SwissPass card been lost, damaged or stolen? No problem, you can order a SwissPass replacement card for CHF 30 online at, via the SBB Contact Center or at a staffed public transport point of sale.

How can I order a replacement SwissPass card online?

Here’s how it works:

  1. Open the link Order SwissPass replacement card.
  2. Select the person you would like to order the replacement card for.
  3. Check the address details.
  4. Select the payment method for paying the CHF 30 fee.
  5. You will receive your new SwissPass card by post.
Order a SwissPass replacement card

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Questions about the new SwissPass card.

Questions from the Community.

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    Buying tickets remotely for my child?

    Is it legitimate to buy a point to point ticket remotely for my child (to ride the tram home from school by herself when I cannot accompany her) using my SBB app? If she gets inspected, will the ticket i purchased for her (short distance single travel under her name) show up if she presents her SwissPass?? 

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    Ordered a SwissPass replacement but found my original card soon after. Need help!

    I thought I lost my SwissPass and put in a request for another one hastily. Soon after, I found my SwissPass card. Is it possible to cancel a request a few minutes after confirmation?

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    Half Fare - Swiss Pass

    Greetings Everyone I'm trying to buy a Half Fare Travelcard. I just created an SBB account and downloaded the app.
    Whenever I try to buy the travel card (hitting the purchase 185chf button), a blank page loads and I cannot continue with the payment process. For personal data, I can only fill in the date of birth and the postal code. I cannot fill the customer number , as I do not own one yet. There is no email about a digital SwissPass.


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