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    Foldable bike / Unknowledgable agent

    Hello,Is it me which doesn't know to read or is there a problem with some CFF agent to understand the rules about foldable bike ?
    Or is there some hidden rules not known by the public like what the agent told me ?I have been forced in the train to purchase a bike ticket for my fold foldable bike.Here are the rules from the CFF Website :The following types of bicycle count as hand luggage and do not require a ticket: Folding bicycles, when folded up.Bike trailers.Bicycles of children younger than 6.Shopping carts (including those with a bicycle connection).(Electric) scooters, provided the largest wheel has a diameter of no more than 30cm or less than 12 inches.Bicycles packed in a transport bag with their front wheels detachedThe senior agent (as her colleague told me he was his superior), deny all my arguments when we were both reading the rules.For him, because the Scooters have a size limit of 30cm for the wheel, my bike must not be larger than 30cm. His exacts words were, the bike must be maximum 30cm. After going home, I saw that the 30cm were about the wheel and that he didn't even read clearly the rule. And otherwise, whatever the size if I had a bag it would have been good, despite the foldable bike not needing a bike.So Am I wrong or is there any additional hidden rules only known by CFF about the foldable bike ?
    Is my 20inch wheel foldable bike destined to be put in a bag so I can deny agent all their arguments ?And if the agent see this message, please give your reasoning or learn the rules.A angry customer.

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    Travelling with bikes from Basel to Leuchtturm Rheinquelle

    We would like to travel from Basel to Leuchtturm Rheinquelle on the train with our full size bikes. (They do not fold up or have a case).We are not from Switzerland and do not understand the Swiss trains.Can you tell me if it is possible to travel this route with our bikes?Thanks so muchRegardsCharlie

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    Bike day pass & space reservation

    Hello. I have 2 questions.
    First question.
    I will use the train from Geneva to Interlaken in May.
    Do I need to buy a bicycle day pass to pack my bike in a bag and board? The bicycle bag size is 120x95x50.

    Second question.
    I know that you have to buy a day pass when you ride a train with a bicycle. At this time, do I have to buy an additional bicycle space reservation?


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