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    Seven25 last day of validaty until what hour?

    Hi there, I have a seven25 and it is valid until 13.12.2022. I would like to know if I can still take a train after 19h on 13.12.2022, that arrives before 5am on 14.12.2022? i.e. Can I still take a train that leaves 23h on 13.12.2022 and arrives 00:30h on 14.12.2022 with my seven25? Thank you very much

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    Good afternoon,The other day I was on the train, and I thought I had seven25 activated because I made the payment through the BCV and confirmed it, but it turns out that it wasn't done correctly. The thing is, it turns out that I didn't have the seven25 and when the reviewer came, and I showed him my swisspass in all safety, he informed me that there was nothing there. I didn't understand it, but talking to a friend she told me that she too had wanted to make a payment from the SBB with the BCV and had had to do it twice because the first time she hadn't received the confirmation that she had paid.So, when the fine arrived at home I wasn't surprised but hurt. Because, as I have already explained, I thought that I did have the seven25.However, I paid for it by scanning the qr code, but I have not received a confirmation.So I was wondering if I really paid or not, because I would not like the fine to be multiplied because I really did pay.I hope you understand, thank you very much.Núria Guanyabens

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    Can't find my customer no in SwissPass account details

    Hello,I want to buy a Seven25 travelcard for my summer trip to Switzerland. It's necessary to have a verified Swisspass to obtain it. In that case I passed through an online verification with my passport. However, there is still a blank field for my customer number in Swisspass account details.What should I do now?


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