SBB Special Conditions of Carriage for International Travel (BBB-SBB)

Special Conditions of Carriage are an integral part of the carriage agreement and may deviate from the GCC-CIV/PRR (cf. point 1.2 in the GCC-CIV/PRR).

Contrary to point 9.2.1 in the GCC-CIV/PRR.

Delays to TGV services.

For TGV services, one fourth of the fare is refunded for a delay of 30 minutes or longer and half the fare for a delay of 120 minutes or longer.

Contrary to point 9.3.3 GCC-CIV/PRR.

Cash compensation payments at the counter only.

Where SBB customers are eligible for compensation due to a delay, they will receive a voucher that can be redeemed for cash at ticket offices. No cash compensation will be paid on board trains.

As at 13.12.2009