Information Snow’n’Rail.


You are able to make the outward and return journeys to the ski resorts from all Swiss stations.


  • You can buy Snow’n’Rail combined offers online at staffed ticket counters or by telephone via Rail Service 0848 44 66 88 (CHF 0.08/min.) as well as from selected ticket machines (1-day and 2-day ski passes only). May not be purchased at ticket machines by holders of the GA or Junior and Grandchild travelcards.
  • Before purchasing, find out information about snow conditions and operating times in the relevant ski region (for details, see the offer pages).
  • It is not possible to use accumulated individual ski pass and this will be refused by the resorts.
  • All RailAway offers purchased at the ticket counter can also be paid for using Reka money.

When purchasing at ticket machines.

  • The Snow’n’Rail offers, except the offers with the 6-day ski pass, are available at ticket machines. Please note that the offers for GA and Junior travelcard customers are not available at ticket machines. These customers may obtain the offer online at or at the nearest staffed station.
  • When purchasing a Snow’n’Rail combined offer at ticket machines, two copies will be printed out (ticket for rail travel and voucher for the ski pass).

Validity of the Snow’n’Rail combined offers.

  • With the 1-day ski pass: the offer is valid for three days and includes the outward and return journey as well as a 1-day ski pass.
  • With the 2-day-ski pass: the offer is valid for eight days and includes the outward and return journeys as well as a 2-day-ski pass (valid on two consecutive days).
  • With the 6-day-ski pass: the offer is valid for eight days and includes the outward and return journey as well as a 6-day-ski pass (valid on six consecutive days).

The OnlineTicket is valid for 1 day for the outward journey and 1 day for the return journey within a 3-/8-day period. Please note the 1-day validity of public transport OnlineTickets on fare networks.

Reductions with the Junior and Grandchild travelcards, and the GA travelcard for young people or those with AHV/IV.

If you have your own GA travelcard (adult, junior or senior), or for children aged 6 to 16 years with a Junior or Grandchild travelcard, a 1-day travelpass for the Half-Fare travelcard (except the 1-day travelpass for children, the fare network and the municipal 1-day travelpass) or your own ticket, or if you are in the senior or junior age range, you benefit from a reduction of 20% for (additional) tickets and for discounted additional services (1-day, 2-day and 6-day ski passes) with the Snow’n’Rail combined offers. To enjoy the relevant discount, purchase the Snow’n’Rail combined offer online before you travel, at staffed ticket counters or via Rail Service on 0848 44 66 88 (CHF 0.08/min.). You will find the discounts on the appropriate offer pages. The ID to authorise the reduction must be shown when purchasing and redeeming tickets at the station, or at the ticket office of the service provider. A child can only benefit from reductions with the Junior travelcard if there is at least one accompanying parent who holds a valid Snow’n’Rail combined offer. The same applies to the Grandchild travelcard, whereby the child must travel with a grandparent who holds a valid Snow’n’Rail combined offer.

Important: No discounts are granted on-site (at the ticket office in the ski region).

1st class.

All Snow’n’Rail combined offers are also available for 1st class.


The price examples for individual Snow’n’Rail combined offers are for departures from larger stations. The prices include the public transport journey (outward and return) via the usual routing, as well as other additional services that are part of the individual offers. The reductions are guaranteed at the published unit price. All prices are per person and include VAT. Rounding differences on the prices up to a maximum of CHF 0.57 may occur.

1/2 = prices for the Half-Fare travelcard.
1/1 = prices for adults without the Half-Fare travelcard.

Age specifications.

Age specifications apply up to one day before the given age (up to 16 years means up to a day before the 16th birthday).

Issue restrictions.

Snow’n’Rail combined offers are partially unavailable around some target destinations.

Easy travel without baggage.

Baggage: within Switzerland you can hand in your baggage up to 7.00 p.m. and collect it two days later from 9.00 a.m. This service is available at any staffed station. Please note the local opening hours.
Express luggage: there on the same day, from and to 46 selected stations. You hand in your baggage before 9.00 a.m. and collect it at your destination on the same day from 6.00 p.m.

Baggage means suitcases and bags, a pair of skis, a snowboard or a pair of ski shoes, each up to a maximum of 25 kg. You will find all information at

6-day-ski pass: prices and services.

The following services are included in the Snow’n’Rail combined offer with a 6-day ski pass:

  • 20% reduction on the journey by public transport to one of 17 winter sports resorts and back. The return ticket is valid for eight daysa.
  • Reduced 6-day ski pass for the relevant ski resort. Valid for six consecutive days.
  • Free baggage transport: a pair of skis, a snowboard or a suitcase (maximum 25 kg per item of baggage) can be transported free by rail from the nearest staffed station to the winter sports resort and back per 6-day ski pass. Information at
  • Other baggage items cost CHF 12 per item and direction.


Insurance is the responsibility of participants.


For the Snow’n’Rail offers (individuals and groups of up to 9 people) our General Terms and Conditions for individual travellers apply.

Hotel information.

Hotel information and reservations can be made online, at all larger stations and via Rail Service on 0848 44 66 88 (CHF 0.08/min.).

SBB Change.

SBB Change will change more than 50 foreign currencies free of charge when you show your GA travelcard. At larger stations, SBB Change also offers travel cash, travellers’ cheques and the global refund tax-free service.

Western Union Money Transfer.

With the Western Union Money Transfer service, you can send money worldwide from 180 stations and it arrives there in minutes. Details at

Mobile calling credit at ticket machines.

You can top up prepaid credit from Orange, Sunrise and Swisscom Mobile quickly using the new touchscreen ticket machines. Payment can be made in CHF or Euro, using cash, Reka cheques, ec card, Postcard, M-Card and credit cards.

All prices include VAT.

Price, product and timetable specifications subject to modifications. Prices as on 11 December 2016.

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