For the next generation: as comfortable as it is climate friendly.

Now you can travel through Europe with greater comfort and in a more climate-friendly manner: with the new ICE 4, the TGV Lyria and the Giruno. 

Upgrade for Swiss high-speed traffic.

From now on, three top international trains will provide improved connections between Switzerland and neighbouring countries: the new ICE 4 and the modernised fleet of TGV Lyria have been in cross-border service since the timetable change in December 2019. The Swiss Giruno fleet is also being gradually integrated into the timetable since the timetable change and is expected to operate on routes to Milan from summer 2020.

While the trains take you to your destination quickly and in a climate-friendly manner, you can slow down on your journey and enjoy our services.

International train journeys – your benefits at a glance.

  • More comfort.

    Benefit from more space, better service and a pleasant ambience.

  • Direct & fast.

    Thanks to numerous direct connections, you can travel to the most beautiful cities in Europe at up to 320km/hour.

  • Straight to the centre of everything.

    Arrive in the centre of town without having to search for a parking space, and with no transfer or waiting times.

  • Climate friendly.

    Travel with fewer CO2 emissions. Calculate the energy consumption using our Ecocalculator.

Giruno (from summer 2020).

The Giruno is perfectly tailored to the needs of modern passengers. Among other things, the trains offer low-floor access for different platform heights, large luggage stowage, free WLAN, improved mobile radio reception and power sockets at all seats. There are also family zones with space for prams and changing tables. 

ICE 4.

More space, more comfort and more reliability: the new Deutsche Bahn flagship offers a new travel experience in both practical and atmospheric terms. Thanks to generous storage space for luggage, ambient lighting, modern information systems, free internet access and a variety of catering options, travel to Germany has been even more comfortable and reliable since December 2019. In addition to 20% more capacity, the new fleet also offers significantly larger family areas with 16 seats.

TGV Lyria.

Thanks to the complete renewal of the TGV Lyria fleet, an average of 30% more seats have been available since mid-December 2019, which means more low-cost tickets for trips to Paris. The modernised trains offer greater comfort in all three classes as well as free internet access for all passengers. In BUSINESS 1ÈRE you also benefit from catering services directly to your seat, as well as other services. A bar coach also provides catering services during the journey.