How are these values calculated?

The savings indicated show the difference between the journey by train compared to the journey by aeroplane. The CO2 emissions for the entire journey include direct operation, energy provision and infrastructure. The factors used in the calculation were compiled by treeze Ltd. and are based on the values provided by EcoPassenger and mobitool. The CO2 emissions of the rail transport are calculated on the basis of the number of kilometres travelled, with a distinction being made between energy consumption, energy sources and average utilisation, depending on the country. For the air journey, the emissions of the flight at average utilisation are taken into account, as are the journeys to and from the airport, which are assumed to be standard car journeys.

Ecocalculator comparison values.


Basis of calculation


X times less than for a flight from Zurich to Berlin.

For a flight from Zurich to Berlin, 217 kg of CO2 emissions are assumed.

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This amount can be used to supply a 2-person household with electricity for X days.

150 kilograms of CO2 correspond to 1125 kilowatt hours and thus to the average annual energy consumption of a 2-room flat.

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This would allow you to drive X kilometres by car.

The assumption used is that the car consumes 8.5 litres of petrol per 100 kilometres. A journey of 4900 kilometres with this type of car corresponds to around one tonne of CO2.

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Enough to fill X balloons.

One litre of CO2 weighs 1.96 grams. This means that one kilogram of CO2 has a volume of 509 litres. We assume a volume of 2.5 litres per balloon. This means that one kilogram of CO2 can fill around 204 balloons.

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You will help to avoid CHF X of emissions-induced damage. 1 tonne of CO2 generates a damage level of around 900 US dollars. organicconsumers.orgLink opens in new window.

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