Schools/J+S (Youth + Sport). The pleasure of laughing together.

School classes and Youth + Sport groups of 10 or more people benefit from various discounts compared with regular prices

Benefits and discounts at a glance.

  • Lower prices.
  • If there are 10 or more people in your group, your pupils get up to 60% off the regular full-fare price.
  • Every tenth person travels for free.
  • If you book your trip with us, we’ll give you one free rail ticket for a member of your group to check out the journey in advance.
  • You can also benefit from special RailAway package deals featuring discounted rail travel and admission.

Special terms for schools and groups of young people.

The discount for schoolchildren also applies to the following people up to the age of 25:

  • pupils attending the obligatory 9th year of schooling
  • pupils attending state-run and private middle schools (grammar schools as well as commercial, vocational, technical, agricultural colleges, 10th year of schooling etc.)
  • students attending universities and other forms of higher education
  • pupils attending schools for the deaf, blind or visually impaired
  • groups of young people living in homes for the disabled, orphanages, young offenders’ institutions etc.
  • young people taking part in Youth + Sport events

To profit from this discount for schools and young people, you need to provide an order form signed and stamped by your headmaster, the cantonal Youth + Sport office or the Federal College of Physical Education (EHSM) in Magglingen.

Please note:

  • The minimum group size for group travel packages is 10 people. GA travelcard holders also count towards the total number. The following do not count: anyone using a 1-day travelpass in conjunction with a Half-Fare travelcard, a 1-day travelpass or a Track 7 travelcard, children travelling for free with a Junior or Grandchild travelcard or a 1-day travelpass for children and children under 6.
  • Family discount: the family discount for Junior and Grandchild travelcards applies, but children travelling on a Junior or Grandchild travelcard do not count towards the minimum group size or any free tickets.

Kindergarten / children's home.

Since the 12th december 2010, children under 6 years of age travelling with a Kindergarten or chrèche don't pay for their ticket (please consider the special terms for children younger than 6 years).