Arenenberg trip.


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By boat to experience Napoleon – with a guided tour wine walk: enjoy glorious wines in a regal growing area and experience history up close.

Be inspired by Napoleon for an enjoyable team trip. Your tour starts with an exciting boat trip to Mannenbach on Lake Untersee/Bodensee. It continues with a guided tasting walk through the Arenenberg vineyard, where fine wine was pressed in Napoleon’s time. Then enjoy a pleasant lunch and visit the exciting Museum of Napoleon III. The boat brings you back to the place of departure at the end of the day. Look forward to a varied itinerary: convivial wine walk, history brought alive, fortifying meal and a relaxing boat journey – there is something for you and your group.

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Rail Service

For timetable and ticket information, contact 0900 300 300Link opens in new window.
CHF 1.19/min.
(daily 24 hours)