To Toulouse by train.

Toulouse – the pink city.

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  • From Basel SBB with just one change.
  • Bar coach.
  • Arrive in the centre.
  • Spacious legroom in 1st class.


"La ville rose", as this city in the south of France is called due to its red-brick buildings, does not just boast a picturesque old town, it also offers a range of nightlife options as home to the third-largest university in France, with approximately 100,000 students. The violet emblem flowers, as well as being found in flower beds all over the city, are also available to eat as macaroons or brioches.

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Rail Service

For timetable and ticket information, contact 0900 300 300Link opens in new window.
CHF 1.19/min.
(daily 24 hours)