Heritage site and monastic treasure: the Abbey of Saint-Maurice.

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  • Immerse yourself in the 1,500-year history of a vibrant religious community.
  • Discover the famous monastic treasure.
  • Explore the archaeological site, where one church was built on top of another.
  • Visit the basilica with its origins in the 15th century.
  • Travel conveniently and straightforwardly on public transport.

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With an audio guide in hand, explore 1,500 years of history on an exceptional visit to the Abbey of Saint-Maurice and its famous monastery treasures!

Discover 1,500 years of history on a visit with an audio guide to the Abbey of Saint Maurice. Once you first enter the basilica, a short film will explain the story of Saint Maurice and his companions, who became martyrs in the name of the Christian faith. You can then visit the archaeological site and its succession of churches, pass through the ancient catacombs and then discover the famous monastery treasures. 

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