• Augmented reality experience with 3D glasses.
  • First and only park of this type in Ticino.
  • Travel conveniently and straightforwardly on public transport.

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Tremona is located on the southern slope of Monte San Giorgio. 

On the wooded hills behind the village a complete medieval settlement has been excavated. Find out on your visit to the archaeological park in Tremona-Castello how people lived in a medieval community. More than fifty different buildings have been discovered, including dwellings, a church, stores, a forge and a tower. Walk through the narrow alleyways of the village … can you hear the hammering of the blacksmith?

The park presents a detailed reconstruction of the history of everyday life in the village on a tour with the help of information boards. Augmented reality and the wearing of 3D glasses take you right into the Middle Ages: a fascinating experience! It is the only medieval village that can be viewed in Ticino. This is an opportunity you should not miss at any cost.

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