Journey through the beautiful Emmental valley with brunch.

The offer is available in the following categories

  • Travel on board the nostalgic Blue Arrow.
  • Once-in-a-lifetime travel experience thanks to a clear view and large windows.
  • Exquisite selection of food and drink for a relaxing brunch.

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Travel with your group on board the exclusive Blue Arrow. Sit back and enjoy the cosy and nostalgic ambiance while admiring the wonderful views of the Emmental valley.

All aboard for a journey into the past: the Blue Arrow was built in 1938 – yet it looks so timelessly modern. Along with SBB’s Red Arrow, it is one of the classic trains of modern rail travel. Make yourself comfortable in the company of your colleagues, club or private group – you will have the Blue Arrow all to yourselves for this special journey. The large windows and a clear view through the compartments also add to this once-in-a-lifetime travel experience. While you let your gaze wander over the passing scenery with its rolling hills and rustic farmhouses, our catering staff will serve you a hearty and plentiful brunch.  Bon appétit and have a good trip!