• Visit the Vine, Wine and Wine Label Museum.
  • The museum offers various forms of entertainment: a fun exhibition for the little ones, an escape room, a treasure hunt or a dragon hunt and a wizard’s laboratory.
  • The castle is located on the Vineyard Trail, starts in Yvorne and ends in Lavey-les-Bains.
  • The castle is the perfect setting for events.
  • Travel conveniently and straightforwardly on public transport.

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Surrounded by vineyards, Aigle Castle houses the Vine, Wine and Wine Label Museum with exhibitions that delight wine lovers and families alike.

Discover the many rooms and dungeons of Aigle Castle together with the Vine, Wine and Wine Label Museum. Situated in the heart of the vineyards, discover 2,000 years of wine-growing tradition in an interactive sensory exhibit. The museum pays tribute to the fascinating world of wine – a world you can discover with all five senses.

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