‘Emilio Balli’s Around the World 1878-1879’ at the Museo di Valmaggia.

The offer is available in the following categories

  • Visit the Museo di Valmaggia and its special exhibition.
  • Tours in Italian, French, German and English.
  • Aperitifs for groups and companies.
  • Educational activities for schools.
  • Combined visit with the nearby grotto route and the permanent exhibition.

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A special opportunity to understand Emilio Balli’s unique journey that marks the beginning of globalised tourism.

This exhibition offers you the chance to dive into the fascinating world that Jules Verne brought to life in his famous 1872 story ‘Around the World in Eighty Days’ – the inspiration for Emilio Balli’s real-life attempt to circumnavigate the Earth. With its great variety of exhibits, objects, documents and photographs on display, accompanied by audiovisual aids and immersive sound effects, visitors to this especially upbeat and modern exhibition have a lot get excited about. It’s definitely worth the visit.

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