SBB cab-view ride on the ETR 610.


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Every day up to 9 December 2017, you can ride up front in the high-speed train, the ETR 610. You will experience the route from Lausanne to Brig from a completely different perspective: from the engine driver’s cab.

You can now travel in the cab of the high-speed ETR 610 train. This means that you can travel along with the engine driver and a second driver on the fascinating route from Brig, which leads past Lake Geneva and the Rhône Valley. From Brig, the cab-view ride continues in an Re460 through the Lötschberg Base Tunnel as far as Bern.

This cab-view ride is available as an additionally discounted top offer.

Offer valid: daily up to 9 December 2017, with a booking from 27 February to 9 December 2017.

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CHF 1.19/min.
(daily 24 hours)

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