Cab-view ride through or over the Gotthard.


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Travel in the driver’s cab of an ETR 610 through the newly opened Gotthard Base Tunnel and in a Flirt via the Gotthard mountain route.

Experience the unique Gotthard Base Tunnel and the legendary Gotthard rail route as the engine driver sees it: with a clear view of the tracks, signals, tunnels and bridges. On the cab-view ride from Arth-Goldau via Bellinzona to Erstfeld – or in the reverse direction from Erstfeld via Bellinzona to Arth-Goldau – the second engine driver explains the technology and countryside to you, while the first driver speeds up or brakes to steer the train along the mountains and valleys and over rivers. Treat yourself to this unique experience on one of the most famous routes in the world.

Offer valid: daily from 1 January to 13 April 2017, from 3 July to 20 Octobre and from 23 October to 9 December 2017. From Monday to Friday from 14 April to 30 June 2017, with a booking from 27 February to 9 April 2017.

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Rail Service

For timetable and ticket information, contact 0900 300 300Link opens in new window.
CHF 1.19/min.
(daily 24 hours)

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