• A little piece of regional palate gold to take home to visitors arriving by public transport.
  • Discover the verdant landscapes of the Jura Park on foot.
  • Experience a Roman vineyard first-hand and sample Roman wines.
  • Travel conveniently and straightforwardly on public transport.

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Enjoy regional Roman delicacies on this leisurely circular hike through the Jura Park.

Embark on a culinary journey into the past, with a Roman snack and a Roman drink. On this circular hike, you’ll discover the history of Roman wine in the Roman vineyards. Explore the vines and their long history with the help of information boards along the trail. The wine and culture trail takes you through the vineyards to the Hartmann winery in the beautiful centre of the nearby village. Then round off the day with a 2-course meal back at the Güggeli-Sternen restaurant.

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