• Precious: Emperor Henry II and his “golden gifts”.
  • Gold work and book illuminations associated with the consecration of the cathedral in 1019.
  • 10% reduction on admission when travelling there and back on public transport.


Valuable items such as the golden altarpiece and altar decorations demonstrate how important Emperor Henry II and his “golden gifts” were to the city of Basel and the region.

A rich selection of magnificent medieval gold work, bronzes, textiles, superb examples of book illuminations and ivory carvings, as well as archaeological finds from the Basel region depict the consecration of the cathedral as a defining milestone for Basel. Furthermore, the exhibition highlights the living conditions of the period around 1000, the relationship of Basel to the kingdom of Burgundy, the interplay between the ruler and the church, as well as the cult surrounding the imperial couple Henry and Cunigunde, who were later canonised.