• The First Flyer and First Glider will get your heart beating.
  • First Mountain Carts – a cross between a go-kart and a toboggan.
  • Trottibike Scooter – from Bort to Grindelwald past meadows and farm houses.
  • 20% reduction on the ascent and descent on the Firstbahn.


Looking for an extraordinary recreational sport experience? Then head off to the adventures that await in Grindelwald First.

Gently float up to First in the comfort of the gondola. But then you can feel the breeze: with the two Flying Fox options, the First Flyer and the First Glider, you can fly at up to 80km an hour. Venture out into the lofty heights on the First Cliff Walk suspension bridge. Or whizz through the mountain landscape on the agile Mountain Carts or Trottibike Scooters with the wind in your hair.

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