Les Bains de la Gruyère.


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  • Nordic and oriental areas.
  • Quality treatments, relaxation, beauty and well-being (to be paid on-site).
  • Children aged over 4 years admitted.
  • 20% discount on admission.


Located in the heart of the Fribourg pre-Alps, les Bains de la Gruyère invites you to relax. The centre consists of two indoor pools and an outdoor pool (34 °C), as well as a Nordic area with three saunas and an oriental area with hammam and Turkish baths. The wellness floor contributes to well-being by offering massages and beauty treatments for all tastes.

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Rail Service

For timetable and ticket information, contact 0900 300 300Link opens in new window.
CHF 1.19/min.
(daily 24 hours)