Monte Generoso.


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  • Free travel for children 6–16 years with the Junior travelcard or Children’s Co-travelcard.
  • Most important panoramic mountain in the canton of Ticino.
  • New “Fiore di pietra” summit building by the architect Mario Botta.


From Capolago you reach Monte Generoso with the cog railway in 40 minutes. Arriving at the top, you can eat and drink at Mario Botta’s “Fiore di pietra”, for example, or you can cast your gaze over the view. Why not record the dimensions of our solar system on the guided hikes, get to know the local flora and fauna, explore a bear cave or climb the fixed-rope route?

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Rail Service

For timetable and ticket information, contact 0900 300 300Link opens in new window.
CHF 1.19/min.
(daily 24 hours)