Marvel at the bison in Naturpark Thal.

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  • Discover European bison in the wild.
  • Learn more about Europe’s largest land mammals.
  • Hike in the beautiful Weissenstein region and in Naturpark Thal.
  • Combine this animal adventure with a visit to the Sikypark.
  • Travel conveniently and straightforwardly by public transport.

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The European bison is the largest and heaviest land mammal in Europe. Visit a herd of these good-natured giants in Naturpark Thal. 

Track down the herd of European bison in the Sollmatt valley near Welschenrohr. The largest European land mammal has been close to going extinct and the “Wisent Thal” project aims to discover whether it can be reintroduced into the wild in Naturpark Thal. Today, a small herd of five of these good-natured creatures lives on a site of 50 hectares. Combine this trip with a beautiful hike in the Weissenstein region or a visit to the exotic Sikypark.

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