• Admire magnificent views on this family-friendly hike from Caischavedra to Cuolm da Vi.
  • Picnic spots along the way.
  • Countless sports and activities in Disentis.
  • 20% reduction on the Disentis–Caischavedra and Sedrun–Cuolm da Vi cableway rides.


Hiking for pleasure. Admire the view on a family-friendly hike with picnic areas from Caischavedra to Cuolm da Vi.

Travel to Caischavedra by cableway. Here, you can find a panorama restaurant located directly alongside the mountain station. The easy two to three-hour walk to Cuolm da Vi takes you along well-trodden paths and requires you to ascend a total of just under 300 metres. At the end of the walk, the new cableway takes you back down into the valley to Sedrun. The hike is just as delightful in the opposite direction.

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