• Discover one of the most famous wine-growing regions in Switzerland.
  • Educational and family-friendly trail all about viticulture.
  • Opportunities to sample the local wines.
  • Travel by public transport in comfort and ease.

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The educational wine trail between Sierre and Salgesch is accessible free of charge all year round and is suitable for a trip with the whole family.

Get a taste of history along the 6km Wine Trail linking the two sites of the Wine Museum of Valais in Sierre and Salgesch. The trail through the vineyards, with its 80 informative panels, brings to life the vines, the winemakers, and the wine. Discover local products and which wines go with different types of cheese in the stunning Château de Villa in Sierre, where you can enjoy all the raclette you can eat, with 5 different cheeses. 

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