• 4 cableways and the postbus – one ticket.
  • Numerous mountain guesthouses and Alpine inns.
  • Fruttstiege fixed-rope route.
  • Children’s play area at Eggberge and Biel.
  • Travel conveniently and straightforwardly with public transport.

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A unique Alpine world. On the sunny side of Schächental valley in the Canton of Uri, the mountain trail takes you through Alpine meadows and past beautiful scenery and a unique floral Alpine world. 

The Schächentaler mountain trail can be traversed either from the Eggberge, from Altdorf towards the Klausen Pass or in the opposite direction. The four cableways in Eggberge, Ruogig, Biel-Kinzig and Ratzi connect the trail with public transport in the valley. Therefore, you can decide how long the hike should be and make it sporty or easy, depending on how you feel and your level of fitness. Numerous mountain guesthouses and Alpine inns invite you in for a rest. The Schächental mountain trail offers suitable routes for all levels of fitness. You can return to the valley at any time with the four railways. The postbus takes you to four starting points for your hike and back to the place of departure too in the evening.

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