• A trip to Trübsee by Trottibike.
  • A choice of various routes.
  • 20% reduction on your return journey between Engelberg and Trübsee (including Älplerseil) and Trottbike rental.


A trip to Trübsee and then a Trottibike ride.

From Engelberg you take the gondola lift to Trübsee. Various hikes are possible to the starting point of the scooter bike descents: 1. Trübsee–Älplerseil, descent with the Älplerseil to Lower Trübsee. 2. Gerschnialp hike via Pfaffenwand to the scooter bike pick-up station at Gerschnialp. 3. Circular hike around the Trübsee, return journey on the gondola lift to Engelberg and ascent to Gerschnialp to the scooter bike starting point.

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