Travel to major events in a sitting coach.

The offer is available in the following categories

  • An undisturbed journey in your own special event train.
  • Accompanied by an SBB tour guide.
  • Use your travel time to work however you want.

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Hire your own special event train for major events in Zurich. More than 700 guests can enjoy a comfortable and undisturbed journey from Basel to Zurich and back in a 1st class sitting coach.

“The special event train for the major event in Zurich is at the platform and ready for passengers to board” – this is the kind of announcement you will hear over the loudspeaker at Basel station when you hire a special event train exclusively for your group, clients or guests. You will travel together comfortably and sustainably in a 1st class coach, which will take you to your event and back again even if regular trains to Basel are no longer running that late. During the journey, your guests can chat, relax or even work in peace and quiet, as the coaches are ideally equipped for working on the move. Make this trip to a major event a special experience for your guests right from your departure.