Through the UNESCO World Heritage site with the Rhaetian Railway: first via the Albula Line from Thusis to St. Moritz and then in the Bernina Express to Tirano. And finally with the Bernina Express bus to Lugano.

Since 2008 the Albula and Bernina Lines of the Rhaetian Railway have been part of UNESCO’s World Heritage. It is the highest altitude transalpine route in Europe and connects different cultures either side of the Alps. You too can experience the unusual routing – in total the Albula Line runs across 144 bridges, through 42 tunnels and galleries, and the Bernina Line crosses 52 bridges, and runs through 13 tunnels and galleries. This also includes showpieces of architecture, such as the 65 metre high Landwasser Viaduct at Filisur or the unique circular viaduct at Brusio.

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